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About Stretch Chi

Our Mission

At Stretch Chi, we dedicate ourselves to helping our clients understand the simplicity of building strength, flexibility and joint stability through the practice of the Ki-Hara Method of Resistance Stretching.  The Ki-Hara Method uncovers limitations that once released allow clients to perform beyond what they thought possible, whether in everyday tasks or high level sports.  The founders of Ki-Hara have created a form of bodywork that builds strength, toughness and durability as well as total mind-body integration. Through private sessions, group classes and trainer education opportunities, clients gradually release tension layer by layer until the true source of the problem is found and removed.  Strength is then rebuilt with balanced muscles.   
Stretch Chi makes a priority of teaching new instructors in the Ki-Hara Method of Resistance Stretching in order to facilitate a paradigm shift in flexibility training. As a Stretch Chi intern, you will learn how to safely use your body, assimilate information from the client, feel what the muscles are trying to communicate, and how to enable your clients to make drastic lifestyle changes.  Stretch Chi internships address one of the major health issues in our society today - muscle and joint instability.  We work to empower our trainers to step up to their best ability to solve problems that seem impossible to fix.  
Stretch Chi Retreats offer clients and trainers a chance to really experience the power of the Ki-Hara Method when performed daily.  Muscular problems that would take many sessions to unlock can be addressed in just a few days when totally immersed in learning.  Done in a beautiful and relaxing location, clients are able to completely focus on their own healing - mind, body and soul.     
Through private clients, group classes and continuing education opportunities, Stretch Chi pledges to bring knowledge of Ki-Hara to clients all over the world.

Our Philosophy

I have spent years discovering the amazing powers of the Ki-Hara Method - first as a client, a practitioner and then as a teacher.  Clients see immediate increases in strength and flexibility. But it's not just that - the physical changes are only a small part of what Ki-Hara can do.  As we age, our brain creates new pathways to avoid muscles that were once injured.  While these muscles seem to help in the short term, long term substitution causes even more pain and more substitution without ever actually fixing the original problem.  Through the Ki-Hara Method, all our trainers at Stretch Chi are trained to peel those layers away, re-create the correct neural-pathways and remove the original source of the problem.  Freed from years of literally being trapped in their bodies - our clients feel, look and act years younger.  As the body unfolds, so does the mind and spirit.  We carefully and compassionately help our clients become the people they've always wanted to be.  Our goal at Stretch Chi is to help our clients release the potential that is locked up inside them.


Carrie Collins

Owner, Stretch Chi


Helping a client with Multiple Sclerosis... Estelle Harford
Palms on the ground, amazing!... Amy K.
Finally a relief from back pain!... Debra

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Life Renovations

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