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Innovative Body Solutions

Founded by Anne Tierney and Steve Sierra, Innovative Body Solutions is responsible for the creation and continuing success of the Ki-Hara Method of Resistance Stretching.  Working as a team, Anne and Steve have brought the method of Ki-Hara to the spotlight through working with professional and olympic athletes, such as Alan Houston and Dara Torres.  Their work with athletes has lead to articles in Men's Health and Vogue Magazine. 

Currently, they reside in Southern Florida and hold workshops and certifications in the Ki-Hara method throughout the United States.

Intrinsic Health Systems

Using the Ki-Hara system and CHEK principles, Susan Bianchi founded Intrinsic Health Systems in Bethlehem, PA. to provide a balanced and integrated approach to overall wellness, functional movement, and peak performance.

Susan's clients range from elite athletes, CEO's and healthcare professionals to those recovering from trauma and injuries. 

Intrinsic Health hosts workshops and certification courses in the Ki-Hara Method.  Susan is a powerful mentor in the Ki-Hara Internship Program.

Harmonix Health

Harmonix Health’s mission is three-fold. First, to empower people with a new understanding of how physical ailments and injuries develop and manifest in the body; second, to support a paradigm shift in how we approach caring for our health and well-being by focusing on preventative measures; and third, Harmonix Health's mission is to provide the world with an alternative modality that effectively services people’s treatment and rehabilitative needs, that provides another level of sports performance training, and that facilitates optimal well-being by reversing the effects of imbalances within people’s daily lives through the study and teaching of DCT, Dynamic Contraction Technique.

Harmonix Health is located in Venice Beach, CA

Stenia Health and High Performance

Kelsey Andries and Nathan Bodewitz are owners of Stenia Health and High Performance, a holistic private training facility in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Stenia specializes in providing their clients with specific, progressive and individualized training programs and recovery/regeneration solutions. They are skilled problem solvers and enjoy finding wellness or performance solutions for their diverse clientele. Kelsey and Nathan were introduced to Ki-Hara in 2008. They quickly recognized the benefits of Ki-Hara and fully integrated Ki-Hara into Stenia's training program. Kelsey and Nathan continue to study and practice Ki-Hara under Anne Tierney and Steve Sierra....and they love it!

Ki-Hara Trainers are all over the world.  Click here to find one close to you. 


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