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Letting Go Meditation

Life Renovations by Carrie Collins

Letting Go Meditation

This month's meditation allows us to sit with our thoughts but learn to let them go before they spiral into destructive thoughts.  It can be funny to see how quickly your mind can go from "I'm sitting here and I'm bored" "what's for lunch" "that restaurant was great" "I went there with my ex" "his new girlfriend sucks" "where did I go wrong?"

...and ultimately "I'm a horrible person." 

In less than 5 seconds!

The point of this exercise is to refuse to let your mind travel to that point.  Stop when you catch yourself thinking about lunch. By choosing to stop and persisting in the exercise, you'll find it gets easier and easier to stop the spiral of thoughts before they turn into negative emotions.

Here's how:

1.  Relax:  Take time to relax in a comfortable setting. Sit for as long or as little as you'd like. Take a few minutes to run through your body and relax every muscle.  

2.  Say "Stop":  When you meditate, say "stop" to yourself (quietly or out loud) when you catch yourself in a thought spiral.  Catch that thought, write it down in a journal, focus on relaxing your body and enter the silence again. 

3.  Let It Go:  During your meditation, try to mentally let go of anger, hatred, worry, jealousy, envy, sorrow, trouble or disappointment. It's not easy at first, but by teaching yourself to stop the spiral of thoughts, you’ll be successful.

4.  Write to Down:  After the meditation, take a few minutes to process and release the thoughts that you wrote down.   

If guided meditations are easier for you, I highly recommend Meditation Oasis by Mary Maddox.  Her Letting Go Meditation (episode 12) is absolutely amazing.  

If you want to dive deeper into the idea of Letting Go, I suggest reading the book Letting Go by David Hawkins:




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