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Summer Fruit Challenge

Fruit is quite possibly the most amazing food for humans.  Fruit is all full of nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidants, but you already knew that.  I want to talk to you a little about some of the lesser-known reasons to indulge in the glory of fruit. 
Imagine - you're on a long walk and you come across a grapevine full of thick, luscious grapes.  The leaves shine in the sun, each bunch of grapes nearly falls off the vine with heavy juice and ripeness.  You feel them fall between your fingers as you pluck them off the vine.  
As you bring each grape to your mouth and bite down on the flesh, the sugary juice drips down your chin.  With each bite more of the sweetness hits your taste buds.  You grab another and another.  Your hands are sticky and you feel completely satiated.  Salivating?  Probably.  
One day, I was mindlessly eating grapes. My cats were at the window cackling at a bird they wanted to eat.  They would have done anything to rip the feathers right out of it.  Of course, I thought, aww...what a cute bird! 
At the same time, I accidentally dropped one of my grapes on the floor.  The cats started playing with it. When they got bored, they made their way back to hunting at the window.  They never even thought to eat it.  They probably thought, awww…. What a cute grape!
If I caught a bird I would want it to be my friend - not rip its flesh apart, but I had no problem ripping the grape’s  flesh apart with my teeth.  Humans are not natural carnivores.  There are a lot of reasons why - but the main one is - we are not capable of killing and eating animals with our hands.  What do we do when we catch a glance at ripe fruit?  We hunt it.  Well sort of. 
We hunt meat as well - this is true.  But we can't do it without tools. We have to skin it, cook it and even sometimes use a knife and fork to eat it. Yet, our fingers and teeth are fully capable of eating fruit with absolutely no preparation at all. 
Fruit is one of the only foods that you can easily take with you.  An apple or banana is fully enclosed, needs no refrigeration, heating or utensils. Berries can be eaten right off the plant.  Even melons can be opened easily by hitting them against a rock.  Fruit is the perfect food for human consumption.
Next - fruit is gorgeous.  Think about the different colors and shapes in the produce section at your grocery store. It's not only aesthetically pleasing to us because it’s colorful, but because we crave it. The sole purpose of attracting us to it is so we’ll devour it.  Eating fruit is a sensual experience incorporating our five senses and sending signals to the pleasure centers in our brain.  It's for this reason that we are used to seeing fruit as a symbol for fertility and sexuality. It's not only gorgeous - it's sensual.  
For this week's diet challenge, go “hunting” at a farmer's market or to a grocery store.  Make this a separate trip from your usual grocery shopping.   Go hungry - take your time in the produce section, use your senses.  
Touch the fruit, look at how beautiful it is, imagine how it would taste, smell it.  Try things you've never had before. 
When you get home, wash everything and put them in a bowl.  Leave it as a decoration in a common area, just as you would put out fresh flowers.  Eat this fruit throughout the week, not because it's healthy and you should, but because it's an incredibly pleasing experience.
- excerpt from Life Renovations Journal by Carrie Collins - 


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