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Chia Coconut Strawberry Parfait: A Power Dessert

chia coconut strawberry parfait
I absolutely love this recipe! While doing a candida cleanse, I had chosen to eliminate dairy, gluten, sugar and all tree fruits from my diet. I started creating desserts to get me through my sweet cravings, and found that the ingredients were incredibly powerful superfoods! I'm sure I'll go back to cake and ice cream at some point, but after 90 days of a sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free diet (among other things), I think I'm going to keep this one. Amazing for dessert - but also - SO good for breakfast! Some things are hard to find, so I've included links to buy them on the internet. Why? Well... Let me tell you.

Surviving Thanksgiving on an Anti-Infammatory Diet


Surviving Thanksgiving on an Anti-Inflammatory Diet: The Life Renovations Guide to the Holidays

The Mindful Way to Combat the Flu

The Mindful Way to Combat the Flu

"In every battle there comes a time when both sides consider themselves beaten, then he who continues the attack wins." - Ulysses S. Grant

Ready to Rebuild your Life?

Do you feel like your life becomes less fulfilling as you get older? Are gyms, diets and meditation boring, painful and meaningless for you? Do you feel like your body has a mind of its own? 

View This Blog & News Article about Ready to Rebuild your Life?

How is Ki-Hara so easy and so effective? Understanding how to get and incredible workout when your energy levels are low

I have always struggled to workout. I was born pre-mature with low lung capacity and have always felt winded and burning in my lungs before my muscles tire out. Because of this, any sort of workout routine feels I put in so much effort and don't get the results that I want. When I started doing Ki-Hara, I found that I was able to get massive results with minimal effort and it felt so good. Suddenly I had muscle tone and the body I'd always wanted and I didn't even break a sweat. Why is this?

Set Goals instead of Resolutions

New Years Snow
Every year on New Year's Day, I take a considerable amount of time to reflect on the past year and restructure my goals for the next year. In today's blog post, I'm going to take a second to explain the difference between resolutions and goals, how to set goals for next year and how to get started on them.

Stretch Chi-ing in Asheville

I just had the most amazing trip to Asheville, North Carolina taking time to spread awareness about the Ki-Hara Method.  If you've never been to Asheville, I highly recommend taking a trip out.  Between meeting amazing people, having some fantastic results with clients and eating farm to table food, I've got a new love for Asheville. View This Blog & News Article about Stretch Chi-ing in Asheville

5 Steps to Beginning Meditation

Stretch Chi
Most people find Meditation intimidating. What you know about it might be. Meditating for hours trying to empty your mind and become enlightened is most likely not going to serve you in your everyday life. On the other hand, taking 15-30 minutes a day to listen to or help guide your thoughts is an incredibly valuable experience. I spend as much time as possible with my thoughts because that’s when I learn the most about myself, reflect on my feelings and dream about the future. It’s quite possibly the only time I really get to just hang out with myself - and I'm awesome (so are you) - so it’s time to give yourself a little bit of time with your mind. Read more for 5 steps to start a meditation practice.

Stop Blaming the Sprout!!! Estelle's guide to perfect Brussel Sprouts

Estelle Harford
Stop Blaming the Sprout!
It is once again the holidays, I think this was the fastest year of my entire life. For me, this time of year is filled with cooking a lot of Brussels Sprouts. When I mention this, more often than not people tend to roll their eyes and lament about how much they despise the poor sprout. I am here to tell you to stop blaming the poor sprout! I’m willing to bet that 90% of the people that claim they hate the sprout…have never eaten one that had been prepared properly….and truly it isn’t all that difficult.

Five Senses Walking Challenge

walking meditation
Join me for a 5 day walking meditation challenge! So here's the challenge: 10 minutes of walking each day for five days choose one of your five senses as your focus. The only rule is to be fully present - that means no headphones, keep your cell phone in your pocket on silent and no friends to talk to. Focus squarely on the one sense you've chosen for that day.



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Life Renovations

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