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Ki-Hara Certifications

Level I (Cost $500)

Level I covers the Ki-Hara Self-Stretches, Assisted Stretches, Problem Solving and Mashing. 

Stretch Chi, Intrinsic Strength, Stenia Health and Innovative Body Solutions hold weekend intensive Level I Certifications worldwide.  Two day intensives can be overwhelming at first, so we allow students to retake Level I for free with the same instructor and a one time $100 fee with each new instructor.  Many of our students take Level I multiple times. In order to become a certified Ki-Hara Trainer, you must take a written and physical exam.  We highly recommend completing an internship or working intensively with a Ki-Hara Instructor to prepare for this exam.   

If you are interested in hosting a certification in your city, please contact Carrie

We would highly advise acquiring the Resistance Stretching with Dara Torres DVD and the Resistance Stretching Flash Cards before class. A full color manual, flexibility profile, and trainers only DVD will be given to you upon arrival. Bring water, a light snack, a pen, notebook and a yoga mat if you have one.

Earn Continuing Education Credits: NCBTMB 12 CEUs

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Internship (Cost $1,250)

Pre-requisite: Level I

The best way to remember what you've learned in Level I is to practice with an experienced trainer. Carrie Collins runs 6-month internships following each Level 1 to help you learn, review and feel comfortable before you begin working with clients. In the classes you will learn how to teach self-stretches including variations for injured clients, assisting safely based on your body type, practical understanding of the principles of Ki-Hara and techniques for muscle balancing and muscle activation.  

The Internship includes:

a) Four 3-hour Internship Classes (Level I material in greater detail)
b) Five 90 minute private sessions with Carrie
c) Five observations of private lessons 
d) Assisting at a workshop
e) 1 mid-term and a final physical exam
f) Take-home written test

After passing Level I and the Intern Physical Exam, you are able to conduct private sessions and are eligible to be listed as a Certified Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching Trainer on the Ki-Hara website. Stretch Chi is currently conducting internships in Chicago.  You can register for the Internship after completing the Level 1 weekend.  Payment plans are available through Stretch Chi in six payments of $225 or in one payment of $1,250.  Contact Carrie if you are interested in registering for the internship.

Level II (Cost $500)

Pre-requisite: Level I

Learn rotations of the upper and lower body. Learn to use the Ki-Hara Stretching Board as well as working on a massage table and continue work on mashing and advanced problem solving.

After completing this level you must pass a take-home written exam.

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Level III (Cost $600)

Pre-requisite: Level I, II and Internship

Taught by Susan Bianchi, learn how to include core strength, stability and flexibility into your Ki-Hara routine.  Level III focuses on Ki-Hara for the core.  

Click here for a list of Level III Certification Courses

Level IV (Cost $500)

Pre-requisite: Level I-III, Internship

Taught by Nic Bartolotta of E-centric Strength, this course will provide a deeper understanding of the physiology of tension, flexibility, and Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching. Nic will delineate between the concepts of fascial tension and muscle tension providing the skill set and exercises required to identify and address problems arising from both. 

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Level V (Cost $500)

Pre-requisite: Level I-IV, Internship

Taught by Ki-Hara Founders, Anne Tierney and Steve Sierra, in Level V you will learn how to incorporate the previous 4 levels in a private session - including self-diagnosis and bio-mechanical analysis. This course covers the hands, forearms, neck and advanced shoulder work. Level V also covers two trainer stretching including Ultimate Ki-Hara in which opposite arms and legs are stretched at the same time.  

Click here for a list of Level V Certification Courses




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