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Has Ki-Hara changed your life?  Consider becoming a Certified Ki-Hara Trainer.  Earn continuing education credits and deepen your understanding of strength and flexibility. Trainings are open to people of all levels and professions - the only pre-requisite is interest!

You must pass five levels of certification to become a Ki-Hara Master Trainer*. Each level is typically taught as a 2-day class held on weekends. Level I and II are the foundation of the system - incorporating rotations and problem solving. These are the key ingredients that set Ki-Hara above other stretching modalities. Levels III, IV and V build on the basics to expand your knowledge and increase your ability to address problem areas. 

*  This two day course is considered the kick-off to certification.  While it is acceptable to take the two day course for general knowledge, you must complete a 6 month internship in order to become a Certified Level 1 Ki-Hara Trainer.  

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Stretch Chi Internships

To become a Certified Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching Trainer, you must complete a 6-month internship with one of our certified intern teachers.

Internships with Stretch Chi breakdown the Level I material in depth. Upon passing the written and physical exam you will be certified and eligible to be listed on Ki-Hara Konnect, the Ki-Hara trainer international database and networking system.

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Enabled me to pursue both yoga and pilates successfully... Len
Finally a relief from back pain!... Debra
Life Renovations Course ... Aubrey

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Life Renovations

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