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Carrie Collins

Photo Carrie CollinsFounder of Stretch Chi. Carrie received her training in Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching from Anne Tierney, Steve Sierra; Dynamic Contraction Technique from Nic Bartolotta and Jim Rooney; the Meridian Flexibility System from  Bob Cooley and Thai Yoga from Jairo Cardona and Dennis Stoval.  Carrie is a classically trained pianist and found that Ki-Hara not only relieved tension from long hours of practicing, but also helped balance and strengthen her body, mind and spirit.  Her work as a Ki-Hara Instructor has lead to feature articles in the Chicago Tribune and Time Out Chicago. 

Carrie has experience training athletes such as marathon runners, ironman triathletes, professional baseball players and world class swimmers, helping them to enhance performance and speed up recovery.  Her experience ranges from athletes to musicians to individuals with disabilities.  Her expertise is in pain management and problem solving injuries.  Carrie sits of the board of directors for the Ki-Hara Method of Resistance Stretching and has been teaching Level 1 Certifications and training interns in the method since Fall 2008.

Joe Medina

Joe is a certified Level 1 trainer in Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching as well as a brown belt in the Degerberg Blend of mixed martial arts.  Joe's expertise in Martial Arts and a history as a personal trainer makes him a great option for someone looking for a great workout while getting stretched. 



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