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To fully experience the power of the Ki-Hara Method, join Stretch Chi in one of our amazing 5-7 day retreats.  [explore]

Trainer Certification and Internship

Has Ki-Hara helped you?  Consider joining the Ki-Hara team to help us teach the world how to live pain free. [make a difference]


Do you have an afternoon to spare and some tight muscles to release?  Join us for a three hour workshop to learn how to do Ki-Hara at home.  [stretch]

Private Sessions

In need of a more personal approach?  Private sessions are tailored specifically to your needs. [make a change]


Two Weeks and I'm Hooked... Sue
Enabled me to pursue both yoga and pilates successfully... Len
Palms on the ground, amazing!... Amy K.

Life Renovations

Life Renovations

Book Club Picks