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I can walk 7 miles in a day now

I was talking to Carrie Collins tonight, about how incredibly screwed up my body was about four years ago, when she started doing Ki-Hara on me... how I couldn't bend my knees without pain... how every movement, every stretch, was an adventure in agony. She wondered how she could ever help me.

Well, you know, I'm not going to run up the staircases at the Hancock Building or rappel down the sides of funky downtown hotels. But I can walk 7 miles in a day now. And while the pain is still with me, I can coerce this body of mine to do as I wish.

None of it would be possible without you, Carrie, and you have my eternal thanks and undying gratitude.


Life Renovations Course

I feel great after this class - more directed, more in control of my goals,
and more excited about all my possibilities!

I started this class with great big amorphous goals that were hard to pin
down and see clearly, and I have been able to pinpoint and check off some of
the smaller things that need to be handled in order to get myself where I
want to be.  And it's easy!

Building Courage

I stretch people because it brings me joy to see them feel better

Because I know what it's like to be in pain and want others to experience the freedom I've felt

Because when people are free from muscular constraints their bodies move freely

Because they've let go of their armor

Because they don't need it anymore

Because they've let it all go

Because they desire freedom as well

Because we all want to live a life without pain

Because pain limits us and freedom allows us to grow

Because there are no more constraints and our entire beings can move fluidly

Because the pain was erased forever and without the fear of pain coming back, we can live a full and exciting life 

Ah - the lack of fear?  Courage.

There's nothing in the world more rewarding for me than to see someone hold their head up high and face the world.   


Carrie Collins

Helping a client with Multiple Sclerosis


Ki-Hara has completely changed my life in amazing ways. I love having the ability
and tools to successfully problem solve for my clients and help them move past
muscular imbalances. Last week I was working with a client of mine that has severe
MS and is confined to a wheelchair. We were trying to complete some strength
training resistance moves, and she was unable to move her arm properly. She
said, “It’s stuck!.” I was able to diagnose the muscular problem, and successfully
resistance stretched her muscle so she was immediately able to move her arm in a
full range of motion. Ki Hara is truly an incredible and powerful tool.
Estelle Harford
Stellar Strength and Wellness
Estelle Harford

I am fortunate to have received Ki-Hara from Kristin.


I am fortunate to have received Ki-Hara from
Kristin. She is very skilled with the movements, and she took special care
with my sensitive right arm, while at the same time achieving effective
release of tension in my shoulders and strengthening my upper body. Her
anatomical knowledge is impressive, and she is gentle, but firm. She
maintained constant communication with me. I would definitely recommend her
Robin Kidd, LMT

Who can turn down a session of Ki-Hara by Kristin who not only works on your body with much skill and knowledge, but cheers when your muscles are reactivated, balanced regained, and confidence boosted.


Ki-Hara is a rather fascinating method to improve and enhance one's body
wellness and balance. As a fellow martial artist, Kristin focused on various
muscle groups that are likely overlooked by many others who perform bodywork.
She was very methodical in working from one body section to another, and
returning to those "troubled spots" to re-instill balance to my body.
Throughout the process, Kristin asked questions along the way that were
essential to help discover and determine inactivated and unbalanced muscles
that may have otherwise been overlooked. I believe her ability to
individualize the session is the key to her success in revitalizing her
In addition to Kristin's attention to detail and her skillful technique, she
was very reassuring and encouraging during the session. As an athlete, it is
difficult to receive bodywork without feeling weak when certain muscles are
discovered to be inactivated, thus functioning sub-optimally. Kristin
understood this very well and made sure to explain specific common movements
and techniques in my routine training that is the likely cause of certain
muscle deactivation. She reassured me that it was expected and not the fault
of me having done anything wrong, which helped relax me. Kristin was also
very enthusiastic, which amplified my own excitement whenever a new muscle
has been reactivated.
Who can turn down a session of Ki-Hara by Kristin who not only works on your
body with much skill and knowledge, but cheers when your muscles are
reactivated, balanced regained, and confidence boosted. The energy of the
session was priceless!

Enabled me to pursue both yoga and pilates successfully

I first discovered Stretch Chi and Carrie Collins in 2008. I had recently made a commitment to getting fit and found myself to be very inflexible to the point it was hindering my progress. The program at Stretch Chi under Carrie's excellent guidance increased my flexibility tremendously and enabled me to pursue both yoga and pilates successfully. Carrie is extremely knowledgeable and encouraging and I highly recommend her and the Stretch Chi method.


Palms on the ground, amazing!

Although it’s only been 15 days since I attended the workshop, I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made so far and wanted to share with you. I’ve been using the DVD & flashcards to learn each movement and have spent ample time on the internet reading & watching anything related to resistance stretching. My plan is to do the entire routine aerobically 2x per week and stretch, especially legs, another 1-2x per week in addition to my other activities which include weight lifting, yoga, biking & running.

The most measurable change that I have encountered is in my forward fold, the before was barely touching fingertips to the ground and the after is palms on the ground, amazing! I’m also seeing & feeling other positive changes in my body (maybe my imagination is just running wild) but it totally motivates me to make the right choices both nutritionally & physically and I literally can’t wait for my next workout.

Amy K.

What an amazing time!

What an amazing time in Asheville and what an awesome setting! You are a careful and excellent teacher. (I bet you could even teach me to play the piano.) As a result I am beginning to realize the power of this work. It's a blessing to have found this and such lovely new friends. Hope to see you all again soon. XOXOXO



If two people think alike one is not necessary. As powerful and innovative as Ann and Steve are, taking resistance stretching up a number of levels from the founder,  our experience with Carrie and Lisa at the Grove Park Inn Retreat was inspirational. Carrie's passion for finding the problem and solving it was wonderful to watch and really made a great connect to the whole process. The setting was great and four days of stretching = wow settle down!!!!!!. Lisa's night time meditative flowing self stretch was the most exhilarating empowering fitness training we have ever done.  It needs to be canned and distributed (Jane Fonda move over and settle down, you have been upstaged!!!!!!). My thanks to Carrie for letting me take my shirt off and let the class see her find the problem in my shoulder, letting the class feel the scar tissue and then fixing me in front of everybody.  Suzanne also benefited from Carrie walking me through the process of isolating shoulder muscles which she said made her feel 10 feet tall and 10 years younger.  All in all it was a wonderful experience.




Building Courage... Carrie Collins
Who can turn down a session of Ki-Hara by Kristin who not only works on your body with much skill and knowledge, but cheers when your muscles are reactivated, balanced regained, and confidence boosted.... YC
Helping a client with Multiple Sclerosis... Estelle Harford

Life Renovations

Life Renovations

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