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Finally a relief from back pain!

I've suffered from debilitating lower back pain for about 13 years.  I tried many types of treatment over the years: physical therapy, chiropractic, cranio-sacral therapy, massage, yoga, and qi gong, and nothing made a difference.  Chiropractic and physical therapy produced about an hour or two of relief, but no more, and several practitioners finally told me I should just resign to a life with pain.  When a client told me her sciatica had been resolved after working with Carrie, I immediately booked a private session.  I've never enjoyed exercise, but these workouts feel amazing.  After 3 sessions my back pain is almost entirely gone even though I continue to do the things that used to aggravate it (lifting and sitting for prolonged periods).  It's amazing to be able to sit again, and carry my laptop around, without the repercussion of pain.  Carrie is a skilled, intuitive practitioner, and MFS is a powerful, even revolutionary, technique that I feel incredibly lucky to have discovered.



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Life Renovations

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