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Helping a client with Multiple Sclerosis


Ki-Hara has completely changed my life in amazing ways. I love having the ability
and tools to successfully problem solve for my clients and help them move past
muscular imbalances. Last week I was working with a client of mine that has severe
MS and is confined to a wheelchair. We were trying to complete some strength
training resistance moves, and she was unable to move her arm properly. She
said, “It’s stuck!.” I was able to diagnose the muscular problem, and successfully
resistance stretched her muscle so she was immediately able to move her arm in a
full range of motion. Ki Hara is truly an incredible and powerful tool.
Estelle Harford
Stellar Strength and Wellness
Estelle Harford


Life Renovations Course ... Aubrey
I am fortunate to have received Ki-Hara from Kristin.... Robin Kidd, LMT
I can walk 7 miles in a day now... B.B.

Life Renovations

Life Renovations

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