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If two people think alike one is not necessary. As powerful and innovative as Ann and Steve are, taking resistance stretching up a number of levels from the founder,  our experience with Carrie and Lisa at the Grove Park Inn Retreat was inspirational. Carrie's passion for finding the problem and solving it was wonderful to watch and really made a great connect to the whole process. The setting was great and four days of stretching = wow settle down!!!!!!. Lisa's night time meditative flowing self stretch was the most exhilarating empowering fitness training we have ever done.  It needs to be canned and distributed (Jane Fonda move over and settle down, you have been upstaged!!!!!!). My thanks to Carrie for letting me take my shirt off and let the class see her find the problem in my shoulder, letting the class feel the scar tissue and then fixing me in front of everybody.  Suzanne also benefited from Carrie walking me through the process of isolating shoulder muscles which she said made her feel 10 feet tall and 10 years younger.  All in all it was a wonderful experience.



Life Renovations Course ... Aubrey
Who can turn down a session of Ki-Hara by Kristin who not only works on your body with much skill and knowledge, but cheers when your muscles are reactivated, balanced regained, and confidence boosted.... YC
Palms on the ground, amazing!... Amy K.

Life Renovations

Life Renovations

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