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Two Weeks and I'm Hooked

I started personal sessions with Carrie two weeks ago.  From the first moment, I was hooked.  The method of stretching and strengthening a muscle through the entire range of motion is extremely effective.  I noticed positive changes immediately. Carrie does a great job explaining what I should be feeling and explaining the mechanics behind the particular exercise.  One thing to note—this class is not your typical stretch/relax class—I am a noodle afterwards—it’s hard work, but great!



Two Weeks and I'm Hooked... Sue
Enabled me to pursue both yoga and pilates successfully... Len
Who can turn down a session of Ki-Hara by Kristin who not only works on your body with much skill and knowledge, but cheers when your muscles are reactivated, balanced regained, and confidence boosted.... YC

Life Renovations

Life Renovations

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