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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ran!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I ran!  I ran I ran I ran I RAN!  OMG I RAN!  10 min.  I couldn't make it 2 minutes without serious funky gait pain at the beginning of the week.  Whatever you did last night worked worked worked.  I'm going to try running again tomorrow....ahhh!!!!!  I'm sweaty I haven't been sweaty in weeks, this is exciting! :)  THANK YOU!!!  hehe, today seriously has to be the best day EVER!


Nothing can compete

In my 20+ years as a professional strength and conditioning coach I've endured/implemented/recommended various forms of flexibility programs.  I've tried static, dynamic, ballistic, pnf, active isolation, and yoga to name a few.  Each system left me with a little more range of motion, some pain, and muscle weakness.  I was almost convinced stretching was not worth the effort.  When I first heard about resistance stretching I was skeptical and assumed it was similar to many other styles of flexibility/stretching programs.  It wasn't until I actually took part in a resistance self stretching class (and later when I was stretched by a resistance stretch trainer)  that I understood that resistance stretching can not only increase ones range of motion around a given joint but increase muscular strength through the entire range as well. Most trainers/coaches know that a longer muscle is a stronger muscle.  Lengthening muscle under resistance strengthens the muscle and enables the muscle to contract fully and efficiently. Another key benefit in my mind with respect to athletes is the ability to stretch and strengthen muscles in multiple planes of motion.  Free weights and machines cannot duplicate what the resistance stretching program can do when properly applied.

Resistance stretching has relieved my sciatica symptoms, increased range of motion around my hips, strengthened my core, unlocked a perpetually tight hamstring, reduced the incidence of muscle cramps and broken down scar tissue - all of which allows me to perform at a higher level


Take the Internship!

I was introduced to resistance stretching in September 2007. First started with self stretching, later I met Carrie Collins who worked on me since January 2008. I noticed immediate improvement in my flexibility and in my overall well being. I decided to pursue this deeper and learn more about stretching and how to help other people feel as good as myself. I attended Level 1 class and decided to further my training through an internship with Carrie. It was the best decision I made. I learned more during that time working on her clients, helping out with workshops and stretching each other than over past 12 months. I'm ready now for my own clients. Carrie is a very patient teacher, very observant and objective. She gave me relevant feedback to help me improve from client to client. I totally recommend her intern class to everyone.


Finally a relief from back pain!

I've suffered from debilitating lower back pain for about 13 years.  I tried many types of treatment over the years: physical therapy, chiropractic, cranio-sacral therapy, massage, yoga, and qi gong, and nothing made a difference.  Chiropractic and physical therapy produced about an hour or two of relief, but no more, and several practitioners finally told me I should just resign to a life with pain.  When a client told me her sciatica had been resolved after working with Carrie, I immediately booked a private session.  I've never enjoyed exercise, but these workouts feel amazing.  After 3 sessions my back pain is almost entirely gone even though I continue to do the things that used to aggravate it (lifting and sitting for prolonged periods).  It's amazing to be able to sit again, and carry my laptop around, without the repercussion of pain.  Carrie is a skilled, intuitive practitioner, and MFS is a powerful, even revolutionary, technique that I feel incredibly lucky to have discovered.


Two Weeks and I'm Hooked

I started personal sessions with Carrie two weeks ago.  From the first moment, I was hooked.  The method of stretching and strengthening a muscle through the entire range of motion is extremely effective.  I noticed positive changes immediately. Carrie does a great job explaining what I should be feeling and explaining the mechanics behind the particular exercise.  One thing to note—this class is not your typical stretch/relax class—I am a noodle afterwards—it’s hard work, but great!




I can walk 7 miles in a day now... B.B.
Enabled me to pursue both yoga and pilates successfully... Len
Helping a client with Multiple Sclerosis... Estelle Harford

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