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Stretch Chi Workshops will help you get a better understanding of Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching.

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In a 3 hour workshop, we cover the principles of Ki-Hara and the beginning series of self-stretches.  Mashing and assisted stretching techniques are included in the class.  The goal of the workshop is that you can do them at home with a clear understanding  the Ki-Hara System.


In a workshop you will learn tools to help:

  • Increase flexibility
  • Reduce the risk of sports injury
  • Increase strength
  • Decrease recovery time from sports practice
  • Increase muscle tone
  • Reduce back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain
  • Learn an efficient workout for the entire body
  • Learn tools to improve posture through muscle balancing

You will be able to take what you learn and continue to work on it on your own time to experience the lasting benefits of resistance stretching. Appropriate for people of all ages and abilities.


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