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My services

private session

Intensive one-on-one stretching and strengthening. Customized program to directly address your body, needs, and goals. Dramatic gains in flexibility, strength, and health will be attained over time.

group class

Increase range of motion and  decrease pain in half the time of yoga.  Your body will thank you for it!
Better body, better posture and better balance from the inside out. Your body will thank you for it!


We cover the principles of Ki-Hara and the beginning series of self-stretches.  Mashing and assisted stretching techniques are included in the class.  The goal of the workshop is that you can do them at home with a clear understanding  the Ki-Hara System

ki-hara certification

You must complete four levels of certification to become a Ki-Hara Master Trainer. Each level is taught as a 2-day class held on weekends. Level I and II are the foundation of the system - incorporating rotations and problem solving.  


In this 45 minute session, Carrie uses the principles of Ki-Hara and Thai Reflexology to focus specifically on how releasing tightness in the feet and calves can create relief in other parts of the body. Enhance your session a 45 minute mashing and/or 45 minute assisted stretch!

upcoming events

Check back here to find out everything exciting and new about both StretchChi and Ki-Hara! Including upcoming events, retreats, and the latest research on Ki-Hara. It keeps getting better and better!!