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Chicago's Exclusive Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching Facility

The Ki-HARA METHOD of Resistance Stretching is a new and innovative form of bodywork that integrates strength and flexibility in order to improve balance, posture and mobility.

Private Session

Experience powerful improvements in range and pain reduction instantly. Dramatic gains in flexibility, strength, and health will be attained over time.

Chronic pain sufferers will expect a significant decrease within just a few sessions. Athletes see an immediate increase in strength and flexibility resulting in more dynamic mobility - such as a faster pace, higher jump and efficient movement.

$450/3 sessions start here!!

Group Session

This class focuses on stretching and strengthening the hips and shoulders using the revolutionary flexibility method Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching.

Increase range of motion and decrease pain in half the time of yoga. Your body will thank you for it!


Get Certified!

Has Ki-Hara changed your life?  Consider becoming a Certified Ki-Hara Trainer! Earn continuing education credits and deepen your understanding of strength and flexibility.

Trainings are open to people of all levels and professions - the only pre-requisite is interest!

$795/ level I. Enquire here


In each 3 hour workshop, we use the principles of Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching in a slow paced learning environment to workshop flexibility and mobility issues on various topics.  You will learn the root cause of your flexibility problems and how to create permanent changes in your body.  Some of our workshops include:

 Resistance Stretching for Musicians:  Use Strength and Stretching to Fix Your Posture Forever

  • Beginning Ki-Hara:  Learning the Basics
  • Stretching for Endurance Athletes
  • Understanding Flexibility:  How to get more out of your Yoga practice
  • Resistance Stretching for Musicians: Use Strength and Stretching to Fix Your Posture Forever
Appropriate for people of all ages and abilities.
$95/3 hr sign up!
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There is a special program designed only for your specific needs

Private Ki-Hara Sessions
$450/3 Sessions
$200/Single Session
Group Class
$10/Intro Class
$150/10 Classes
$95/3 Hours
Understanding Flexibility
Get Certified
$795/Each Level
Levels I - IV

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is The Ki-Hara Method of Resistance Stretching?

The Ki-Hara Method is a form of Resistance Stretching refined by Anne Tierney and Steve Sierra of Innovative Body Solutions, Inc.  The method includes flexibility training, strength training and core work in very specific patterns of movement similar to the body's natural movements. During Ki-Hara the muscles are contracted and lengthened at the same time throughout their range of motion. This keeps muscles from being over-stretched which can cause injury.

Q. Who can participate in Ki-Hara? Are there restrictions on age or physical health?

Ki-Hara is a method that can be performed on people of any age. At Stretch Chi our trainers work on anyone from toddlers with developmental conditions to athletes to senior citizens.  Extra care is taken with growing children and aging adults. Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching is an essential component for every individual regardless of their fitness level to gain flexibility and strength throughout a full range of motion.

Q. Can Ki-Hara help with specific physiological conditions? Are there stretches for my bad knees, my back pain, my tennis elbow, my wrist pain, my ankle sprains, etc?

Our trainers have experience working with all of these injuries and use Ki-Hara to build stability around the joints and eliminate pain.  We take a very gentle approach to helping with injuries.  For broken bones, severe sprains and post-surgery, we highly recommend that you finish your allotted time for physical therapy before coming in for further work.

Q.Does it hurt?

While we sometimes get to a place that is uncomfortable, the pain is a sign that we have more work to do elsewhere.  We do not hang out in the painful place, but problem solve the rest of the body in order to remove the pain.

Q.What do I wear?

Workout clothes are best.  We suggest dressing in layers as sometimes the studio gets a little chilly in the winter months, and you'll warm up as you start stretching.  We require that our clients wear pants.  In the warmer months if you'd like to wear shorts, please wear bike shorts underneath.  For women, we suggest sports bras.

Q.How often should I come in?

We suggest 1-2 times per week when first starting out to really see the greatest results.  Our sessions start with making sure your muscles are balanced and activating properly.  Within 5 weeks, the changes become permanent and clients can reduce to 1-2 times per month for minor tune ups if needed.   If a few times a week is difficult for you, you can still see results by coming in as little as every 2-3 weeks.

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