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Have you been searching for answers for your chronic pain?  Looking for ways to increase flexibility?  Do you feel stuck in your yoga, Pilates, or personal training routine?  Stretch Chi has the solution - we use a specific form of resistance flexibility training called Ki-Hara to create immediate and highly effective increases in flexibility and muscle balance.  We offer stretching classes in Chicago, stretching workshops and assisted stretching sessions at our studio in the loop.  

Owner, Carrie Collins, started started Stretch Chi because of her own physical pain after years as a professional pianist.  Tendonitis, back pain, shoulder pain and a family history of fibromyalgia lead her to build the ultimate mind-body solution - a combination of Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching, meditation and diet change.  All which lead to building the successful online course "Life Renovations."  At Stretch Chi, creating a mindfulness practice along with a highly effective method of building strength and flexibility, Ki-Hara, has lead to success in treating many clients in over 9 years.  

Stretch Chi is dedicated to the practice of the Ki-Hara Method of Resistance Stretching. I use techniques that incorporate muscle activation and muscle balancing to ensure that your body is working at its most productive state.  Ki-Hara is used to remove the layers of tension that may be covering up the true cause of pain.  Stretch Chi clients see an immediate increase in strength and flexibility, giving them a better body, better posture and better balance from the inside out.  Ki-hara helps people of all ages and abilities - from injury recovery, chronic back pain and frozen shoulder to finding a better and stronger you mind, body and spirit.


  Ki-Hara Group Class Private Ki-Hara Sessions

Introductory Offer 

$10 for 1st Class $450 for 3 sessions

Single Session

$20 $200

10 Pack

$150 $1,600

  • Guided Meditation

    Solar Plexus Meditation 

    Life Renovations Book 1: How to Feel Alive

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  • Life Renovations Course

    Life Renovations:

    Discover your Purpose and Create a Happy and Healthy Life

    Change is a full-body experience. 

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  • How is Ki-Hara so easy and so effective? Understanding how to get and incredible workout when your energy levels are low

    I have always struggled to workout. I was born pre-mature with low lung capacity and have always felt winded and burning in my lungs before my muscles tire out. Because of this, any sort of workout routine feels I put in so much effort and don't get the results that I want. When I started doing Ki-Hara, I found that I was able to get massive results with minimal effort and it felt so good.... Read More
  • Make your running more efficient with a Ki-Hara trained Psoas

    If you’re planning an endurance race this season, you may have started to notice some problems now that you’re kicking up the mileage - such as hip pain, fatigue, lower back pain, or Achilles pain. These problems can be caused by weak and inflexible hip flexors. By using Ki-Hara to strengthen and resistance stretch this muscle group, you can not only avoid the injuries listed above, but... Read More
  • Stretch Chi Plane

    How to Stay Limber in the Air

    In all my research, dehydration seems to be the major culprit of muscle tightness during air travel. We tend to feel the most comfortable when the humidity is between 40-70%, yet in an aircraft cabin, it falls to about 20% - even less than the Sahara Desert! In these conditions our body goes into overdrive to make sure our essential organs remain hydrated. Connective tissue (fascia, membranes,... Read More
  • Flexibility system can help ease pain

    When Carrie Collins was practicing hours on end for a piano recital, she developed pain in the muscles of her neck and upper back. Living in San Francisco at the time and looking for atypical alternatives, she decided against going to a medical doctor. Instead, she turned to Craigslist, deciding on someone who offered relief... Read More
  • Stretching it Out

    This is one of my favorite radio pieces by Jennifer Brandel. ​Jennifer Brandel: The last time I could touch my toes must have been shortly after birth. 
 If and when I try to, I end up looking more like a zombie searching for a contact lens. I have never been flexible; I have always wanted to be. And that.. is my secret shame. Read More


Finally a relief from back pain!... Debra
Two Weeks and I'm Hooked... Sue
Who can turn down a session of Ki-Hara by Kristin who not only works on your body with much skill and knowledge, but cheers when your muscles are reactivated, balanced regained, and confidence boosted.... YC

Life Renovations

Life Renovations

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